Ultimate Beach Guide To Koh Lipe, Thailand

September 7th, 2018

The sweet seduction of sun and sand from sunrise to sunset is calling to you from our little island.  On Koh Lipe, your perfect beach vacation is ready when you are. Being a uniquely small island Ko Lipe offers you almost instant access to all of its beautiful beaches within the Tarutao National Park. Each of the beaches on Koh Lipe have their own different landscapes and feels and for that bit its own styles of hotels and resorts to be found on koh Lipe. Be sure to take it all in from the life on Koh Lipe Pattaya Beach to the stillness of Sunset Beach and the absolute perfection of Sunrise Beach while you are celebrating your holiday on Koh Lipe. If you are lucky you may even discover a few secret beaches or local favorites carefully tucked away on Koh Lipe its lesser well knows areas.

Pattaya Beach, Koh Lipe, Thailand

Pattaya is a beautiful cove like lagoon that stretches along a white sand beach where you can find it all. If you are looking for the more active side of the island, this is it. You will find beach bars and even a dance club there. Stop end enjoy a fresh fruit shake while you check out the roped off swimming areas on this beach. The winds on the island make Pattaya Beach very calm during approximately the months of July to December. During those months snorkeling is most enjoyable on Pattaya beach because there are almost no waves most of the time. The rest of the year you will enjoy a very nice breeze that will protect you from the heat of the sun.

Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe, Thailand

Sunset Beach is where nature lovers can go to hide away from the crowds. Sunset side of our island has many little beaches and one big long beach which we call Sunset Beach. Take a wander around and find your perfect spot. On this side of the island, you will find a road that leads around the island with many little beach access trails. If you find your favorite spot be sure to be there for sunset because Koh Lipe has some of the grandest sunsets of all. On the biggest Sunset Beach, you will have the option of simple cocktails as the sun goes down and very nice views of some of our surrounding islands. The sand is different from the rest of the island and the beaches have more rocks to climb on which offer privacy to those who seek it. Sit back with an iced mojito and enjoy the views as you melt into the perfect sunset.

Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe, Thailand

Koh Lipe’s Sunrise Beach is the picture of beach perfection. This is the beach to go to for the best snorkeling, long strolls, seductive views, and softest sand. Remember to “Discover Koh Lipe’s underwater beautiful surroundings” here on Sunrise Beach too. If you like long walks down the beach be sure to start at one end of Sunrise Beach and wander to the other. If the stunning view of that big island in front of you makes you want to go there, it’s easy! Getting to Koh Adang only takes a short 5-minute boat taxi from Lipe Beach Resort. So it’s real easy to enjoy the national park beach and snorkeling just footsteps from the rangers station. The highlight of Sunrise Beach is right in front of Lipe Beach Resort where you will experience aquarium like fish life and corals on your short swim or kayak out to the little island, Koh Kra.

“Off the beaten track” beaches on and around Koh Lipe, Thailand

On Koh Kra, you can feel like you are on an island of your own while you climb rocks and enjoy the views or sink into the white clay like sand on the beach. If you are into snorkeling be sure to check out the back side of this island where the reef drops off and the sea life blossoms. On Sunrise Beach you can rent kayaks, find scuba diving schools, snorkel right off the beach or find your perfect spot to sunbathe and swim. Starting your day with a Picasso like sunrise will surely stay in your heart forever here on Sunrise Beach.

For those of you who enjoy exploring we recommend finding our little Hidden Beach. You must walk the Sunset Beach road all the way until it turns into a jungle trail. Then follow the trail until you see a small left turn down towards the Hidden Beach where you then must climb down the rocks. It’s not easy but of course, nothing good is easy. Also, be sure to take a longtail boat to check out the beaches of the surrounding island. Long Beach on Koh Adang is lovely for sunset and the black round stones on Koh Hin Ngam are a natural wonder to behold.

The overall variety and sheer beach perfection of Koh Lipe is one you will not soon forget. Our natural wonders of the world are to be shared and we look forward to sharing them with you during your stay at Lipe Beach Resort.