Koh Lipe

Lipe Beach Resort Entertainment

Koh Lipe has much more to offer then many are actually aware of. To get the most out of your holiday experience try some of the fun activities the island has to offer.

Day Tour

We happily assist you in arranging a great day tour with snorkeling, sun tanning and a lunch on a nice beach with some of the local monkeys hanging out. For something more off the beaten track inquire with our reception crew about the Sunset Tour.

As always there is that magical time where you arrive and that unfortunate time when you have to leave. Our reception desk is fully updated on the travel schemes available and will happily assist you in making arrangements so you can travel fast and safe to your next destination.

Lipe Beach Resort: day tours
Lipe Beach Resort: snorkeling


One of the best spots on Koh Lipe for snorkeling is actually Sunrise Beach. So by staying with us you actually are at the most convenient location available on Ko Lipe for this activity.​

The islands of Koh Kra and Koh Usen just off the beach are famous for the coral gardens with abundant marine life. The best time is at high tide, and swimmers should also use fins in this area due to the sometimes strong currents.


Calm waters around Koh Lipe Island are perfect for kayaking. You can go all around the island in almost 3 hours. Or Kayak to Koh Adang in less than 60 minutes. Wherever you go, be sure to mind currents and use lots of sunscreen.

Lipe Beach Resort: Kayaking
Lipe Beach Resort: snorkeling


Koh Lipe is great for diving. The island is situated on the edge of Thailand National Marine Park and affords great possibilities for fun diving. The area is full of soft corals, reef gardens, rock outcroppings and even a wreck. Divers will have a wonderful chance to marvel at the underwater beauty of Koh Lipe.​

There are quite a few favorite places for diving, one of them is Stonehenge or Eight Mile Rock, a submerged peak harboring abundant marine life at several depths. Such sites as Koh Sawang, Koh Phung, Koh Tong and Yong Hua wreck (the remains of Thai finishing vessel) are also quite popular among divers.


Massage is a wonderful way to relax and to improve your health at the same time. It’s been used since ancient times and has numerous benefits. Our talented masseuses are ready to deliver a variety of massages that are all designed to pamper you. Keep in mind that massages are more than just a pleasant treat, it’s also a necessity for health and well-being. So, take this great chance to revitalize your body and soul and create an incredible feeling of relaxation and stress relieve.​

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Lipe Beach Resort: yoga classes

Yoga classes

We have a wonderful yoga instructor at our resort. Not only yoga feels great for you, but it also improves strength and flexibility. Yoga brings benefits for your mind just as much as for your body.

If you are interested in taking up yoga classes, let us know and we will arrange them for you. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. What can be a better place to do Yoga than on the beach!