Koh Lipe Hotel and Resort, Most Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Koh Lipe “Most Frequently Asked Questions” page. With Koh Lipe being located at almost 70 KM or 44 miles from the mainland it is not exactly that “Ultimate Easily Reachable Dream Destination”.

Having chosen to built our Koh Lipe Resort and Accommodation here on the beautiful northern part of Koh Lipe its Sunrise Beach actually raised quite a few questions while we were doing so to be honest. Lets say that a big part of Koh Lipe it’s beauty comes for it remote location and the effort one has to put in to get here.

So be alarmed! Getting to Koh Lipe can be quite time consuming!

For this reason we almost recommend a 3 night stay if you have time on your side. We will be writing a more detailed guide on the most popular and fun things to do on Koh Lipe in 2020 pretty soon so take note:

Double Check! Lets visit Lipe Beach Resorts website again to double check if they have have already posted that new article that gives more information on the most popular and fun things to do on Koh Lipe in the year 2020.

Without Further Ado, below you find our list of Most Frequently Asked Questions regarding staying with us on Koh Lipe, Thailand:

Lipe Beach Resort

We are located about 10 – 15 minutes from Walking Street . And thats when you are strolling at a relaxed pace. Pattaya Beach is at the end of Walking Street (another 10 minutes) and a walk to Sunset Beach from walking Street takes about 10 minutes as well. Koh Lipe is a tiny island and can be explored comfortably in a day.

We will most definitely try! But please keep in mind we are extremely busy during certain periods and locate 70 KM from the mainland so Champagne and Strawberries is something you should forget about. That said, we have done some really cool set-ups on our beautiful Sunrise Beach over the year. If you are planning to stay at Lipe Beach Resort on a special occasion please do let us know upfront by sending an email to [email protected]

Yes, they do. Please note that the GARDEN ROOM FAN although having the bathroom attached only has cold water. So if you are keen on having a hot water shower any other room type will provide this for you.

We absolutely do. All you have to do is drop your room key off at the reception before 12:00 AM and we will clean your room, make your bed and refresh your towels.

Oh yes! Lipe Beach Resort is located directly on Koh Lipe its award-winning Sunrise Beach.

We have free Wi-Fi for all our guests at Lipe Beach Resort. That said, Wi-Fi on Koh Lipe is generally slow as there is no fiber or even a decent internet cable. It is all beamed to Koh Lipe from a grumpy old tower on the mainland. If fast internet is really important for you we suggest you get a 2nd SIM or a Wi-Fi dongle and a DTAC tourist SIM. They have really good 3G and 4G speeds and you get 12GB of data for about 20 USD.

CHECK-IN from 01:00 PM onward. CHECK-OUT from 07:00 AM till 11:00 AM. It is always possible to discuss earlier or later but this is dependent on guest arrivals and departures. If possible we happily entertain your request. Please note that Terms

Due to a restriction in our booking engine, we can never guarantee that we can have you stay in adjacent rooms. We know this is a bit annoying when you intend to stay as a family or group but the only thing we can promise is that we will very hard and put all our efforts in place to provide you with adjacent rooms should you request this. But again, please note we can’t guarantee this.

Please make sure you check the Terms and Conditions of your stay with us before confirmaing your stay with us. We have various cancellation procedures, Book Now

That’s not possible. All our bungalows are designed for couple stays only. We do offer baby cots free of charge and allow 2 parents and 1 child in the following room types: If your child is too big for a baby cot that is no problem, but you should be comfortable sharing the existing bedding as we have no extra beds at Lipe Beach Resort. Want to stay with us in a single room with more than 2 adults or as a Family with 2 children that is possible. You can check out our Family Rooms.

Are you staying on with us during the low season? Then the speed- or longtail boat drops you off right in front of Lipe Beach Resort on Sunrise Beach. During the high season, you will arrive on Koh Lipe – Pattaya Beach. From there you can take a motorcycle taxi for THB 50 per person and for children it’s free.

All we need to do is take a photocopy of your passport and departure card. The departure card is the white card you receive from the customs officer upon arriving in Thailand. If the payment for your stay has not yet been charged we appreciate to receive full payment upon check-in.

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