Discover Koh Lipe and it’s beautiful underwater surroundings

June 17th, 2018

When you think it’s time to step up your vacation activities a bit a great way to do so is to dive down below and discover Koh Lipe waterlines. Being located in a protected national park and just a wonderful and beautiful part of the Southern part of the Andaman Sea, Koh Lipe and its surrounding islands and reefs offer what you are looking for.


Diving within close proximity to Koh Lipe

On Koh Lipe, you will find a wide array of possibilities for exploring the surroundings, both from above and below the horizon. Each of Koh Lipe its three main beaches have something special to offer to both divers and snorkelers. From tantalizing tentacles and mesmerizing morays to super soft corals, the sea life here is something that you must experience firsthand. There are some great organizations devoting their energy to taking care of the reefs surrounding Koh Lipe. This is something that we are super proud of as well. Are you that active beach vacationer? Well, we have good news for you! You will be able to keep busy with Koh Lipe’s abundant selection of water activities. Besides diving be sure to check out the numerous options for exploring the sea by boat or even on your own. Strap on your flippers because its time to take a deeper look at Koh Lipe its unforgettable underwater world.


Going that extra mile and what to expect of the South Andaman Sea

Once or even before you have filled your bucket with Koh Lipe’s above water action activities you must, yes MUST check out the sea life below. We are so lucky to be located in the south Andaman Sea which stretches all the way from Myanmar to Indonesia. The unusual minerals in our water have led to the pillow like coral beds full of soft coral. There are several places to check this out around Lipe so be sure to ask your guide for the best spot at the time you are here. One of our absolute favorite things to do is to snorkel at the drop off point on Sunrise Beach. Just off the beach from Lipe Beach Resort, you will find Koh Kra where you can snorkel at your leisure around the island and be surrounded by damselfish while spotting masked porcupine fish, lionfish and giant moray eels. Feel as though you have left the world behind as you look down into the deep blue, simply snorkeling with all the life of the sea swirling around you. If you are into bigger fish we even have a few deeper scuba locations where you can see whale sharks and manta rays at the right times of the season such as 8 miles. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the smaller stuff too because Koh Lipe has some beautiful nudibranchs for your eyes to feast upon.


Long tail boats, kayaks, and off-the-beach-snorkeling on Koh Lipe

Discover All the beauty of Koh Lipe island at your reach including the beautiful people here doing great things to take care of this global treasure. Check out Koh Lipe’s Reef Guardians who are measuring sea life and temperatures as well as planting new coral. Always help them out by being sea aware and keeping your feet off the reef! If you want to stop while snorkeling, simply looks for a safe sandy spot to stand on. Koh Lipe is special because of its shallow waters. This means you will always be able to find a spot to stop. When you decide to kayak or snorkel be tide aware as low tides can bring you very close to the reefs and that is not fun for you, or the sea urchins. When you take a day trip out consider sun safe clothing over sunscreens lotions that will damage Koh Lipe its precious reefs.


Obtaining special and precious moments on and around Koh Lipe

Your day out will be a great memory when you follow these few tips as days out on the sea have brought many Lipe Beach vacationers their most special memories. Be sure to take a day trip either on your own private longtail boat or in a group. Private boats are the way to go if you would like to go at your own pace. For those of you interested in meeting fellow travelers the group trips are perfect. The boat trips usually consist of 5 stops to islands either near Koh Lipe or the farther away islands. Snorkel, swim, free dive and sunbath your heart away on the very beautiful Sea Gypsy made longtail boats. The local captains are super in touch with the sea here and will take good care of you. Koh Lipe also has many choices of experienced scuba diving schools (both PADI and SSI), free diving courses, glass bottom kayaks an even paddle boards for rent.


Glowing plankton… Really? Yes, Really!

Definitely consider Koh Lipe its glowing plankton tour. Most of us never can see this almost sci-fi like phenomenon in our lives but on Koh Lipe, we have the opportunity every day. You can spot the plankton at night right on the beach sometimes but if you prefer the full experience, a boat trip is a must. At Lipe Beach Resort we know which captains and boat trips can take you to those special spots where you get to swim with glowing plankton it in the dark. Your childlike side is sure to come out while you swirl around with the star like plankton in the water. Sometimes it is so intense it is just hard to tell the difference between the stars in the sky and the plankton in the sea around you. From the shallow cove of Pattaya Beach to the endless coral communities on Lipe Beach Resorts its Sunrise Beach we can guarantee that you will be amazed by the beautiful underwater world Koh Lipe has to offer.

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