Koh Lipe
Our dogs

Our dogs

The dogs at Lipe Beach Resort are very popular with our guests. They are funny and friendly and our guests are happy to be with them. We proudly take care of them as they are almost a part of Family. They are all up-to-date on their vaccination schemes might this be of your concern.

Meet Karn

My name is Karn, You can also call me Kaan by the way. I love to “talk” to you and am always pleased greeting you with my big smile every morning. I am already awake during the Sunrise Hours so feel free to watch Sunrise with me on our Sunrise Beach. When you are ready for a long stroll on the beach did you know I will be your prefect companion. Sunset walks up to the north part of our beach and cuddles I like the most.

Lipe Beach Resort: Meet Karn
Lipe Beach Resort: Meet Chow Goi (Tjarkoi)

Meet Chow Goi (Tjarkoi)

Although I am considered the substitute leader of the pack my temperament us very laid back. Did you know I was named because of my black color and after an ancient Thailand desert. Where Karn talks a lot I will win you over if you like to calmly stare out at the sea together and snuggle quietly, without too much “talking”. I am very loyal and grateful and if we become friends, I will wait patiently in front of your door to great you when you wake.

Meet Boef

When you are ready for some great fun on the beach I will be your perfect companion. There are quite a few things I enjoy for spending my days on Koh Lipe its beautiful Sunrise Beach. You can get my attention by inviting me for playing fetch, tugging on and chasing after Frisbees, swimming and even diving for rocks. When you are eager to find me looking for Boeuf look in the sea. If all the fun isn't enough he will win your heart with his dashing good looks and permanent smile.

Lipe Beach Resort: Meet Boef
Lipe Beach Resort: Meet Puppet

Meet Puppet

My name is Puppet playfully because I am as gentle, fragile and also a bit shy like a puppy. When you approach me gently I will like to play and hang out with you on our beautiful beach. Some people at the resort think I am an agile and even little bit sexy dog because of my beautiful long legs and soft fur. Most of the Guests consider me a joy to have around. Lets have some fun, you watching my play around the resort and if you can win my heart I will love you forever.