Koh Lipe
Koh Lipe Island

Koh Lipe, Thailand

Koh Lipe (also known as Ko Lipe, Koh Lipey or Koh Lipeh) is a small island in the South Andaman Sea. Originally Koh Lipe was only inhabited by Sea Gypsies or Chao Ley (people of the sea). They gave the island its name – Koh Lipe, which means Paper Island. It’s almost 70 km of tropical paradise that attracts numerous tourists with great nature, fantastic sandy beaches and extraordinary marine life. People come here to bask under the sea on coconut palms fringed beaches, to do snorkeling and diving around coral reefs and simply enjoy tranquility and peacefulness of the beautiful island.

Koh Lipe Island has 3 main beaches: Sunrise Beach, Pattaya Beach and Sunset Beach. There are some private beaches as well.

Sunrise Beach is the nicest on Ko Lipe with soft breeze, clear water and rich marine life for the best snorkeling. As the name suggests, the beach is absolutely astonishing at sunrise. To learn more about it click here: Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe.
Pattaya Beach is definitely considered the main beach on Koh Lipe and it gets really busy during high season as everyone travelling to and departing from Koh Lipe Island will have to go through Pattaya Beach. Locals come here to catch crabs which is quite interesting to watch.
Sunset Beach is a rather new one, as it mainly appeared when a big company purchased land near the central area. It’s the smallest of three and is located in a secluded lagoon.

When you are on Koh Lipe don’t forget to visit some of the islands surrounding it. Koh Adang is famous for its Viewpoint and Koh Rawi offers some of the most stunning beaches in the Southern Andaman Sea so both are highly recommended to see. From Sunrise Beach which is where we are located you’ll be on Koh Adang in less than 15 minutes by taking the Thai Traditional longtail boat.

While having vacation on Koh Lipe most tourists sooner or later come to Koh Lipe’s Walking Street. It is a narrow road with a network of paved lanes and paths and numerous nice little shops. Here you can find general tourist things and souvenirs as well as local handwork, many bars & restaurants. Don’t forget to visit Elephant Bar where really good breakfasts are served and Sawasdee Bar which is a cool authentic Thai Bar in the middle of Walking Street.

Here at Lipe Beach Resort we are on the more quieter side of Koh Lipe’s Sunrise Beach and should you consider staying in one of our Beachfront Accommodations make sure to book on time as they are sold out on a regular basis especially during the high season period.

In case you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. It is always our pleasure to get back to you!


There are nowadays 3 ATMs to be found on Koh Lipe. In addition, there are ATMs available in Hat Yai airport, La Ngu (a town shortly before the pier) and in Pak Bara on the pier. During high season plan getting cash money ahead. There may not be any money in the ATM at Pak Bara and even on Koh Lipe!

If the ATM’s are drawn empty there is always the pharmacy located across the 7eleven that will accept your Visa or MasterCard for cash withdrawals (5% service fee). They also offer a fair exchange rate for dollars, euros, pounds or ringgit. That said, the rate is definitely less than you would receive in any major city on the mainland.


Koh Lipe has no direct phone lines. There are two mobile phone networks on the island: DTAC and AIS. Recently DTAC has been the more reliable network. There are lots of places with Wi-Fi and internet on the island.

Getting Around

Koh Lipe is very small and even the furthest destination is only a 30 minute walk away. Large parts of the island can be reached just by walking along the beaches. There are few roads on Koh Lipe and no cars. A lot of locals have motorbikes and scooters which they zip around on. When moving about on the roads be careful of the motorbikes, they are often driven recklessly.

If you do need to get to the other side of the island and aren’t in a rush then a local motorcycle taxi could be the best way to get there. The taxis are recognizable by the purple vests that drivers wear. The charge is 50 baht per person to anywhere on the island.


Koh Lipe has a small clinic run by a nurse and since 2014 there is The Siam International Clinic in the middle of Koh Lipe its walking street. If you have a major illness you most probably have to go to the mainland. In the case of emergencies either a speed boat or a helicopter can be brought in to evacuate you. This is organized through either the mayor or the tourist police.

There is a small but well stocked pharmacy half way along walking street straight across the 7/11.